What Can You Eat on a Paleo Diet?

I’m planning to eat a Paleo diet most of the time.  So what can I eat on a Paleo diet? Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Fish, Nuts, and Healthy Fats  Meats You should be eating grass fed meat on a Paleo diet. Chicken, Turkey Pork Tenderloin Pork Chops Steak Ground Beef Beef Shrimp Lobster Bison Eggs Fish Bass Salmon Halibut Tuna Shark Tilapia Trout Vegetables Asparagus Avocado Artichokes Brussel Sprouts Carrots Celery Broccoli Squash Zucchini Cabbage Peppers Cauliflower Eggplant Green Onions Sweet Potatoes Beets Mushrooms Onions Healthy Fats Coconut Oil Olive Oil Macadamia Oil Avocado Oil Grass – Fed Butter Ghee Nuts … Continue reading What Can You Eat on a Paleo Diet?

Non Scale Victories

My plan at the beginning of my Whole 30 was to blog throughout the entire process.  Then life happened so that plan went to the wayside. I’m now at the end of my Whole 30 – Day 28.  Non Scale Victories are becoming evident.  Non Scale Victories are benefits from the Whole 30.  Here is a link to various non scale victories you might experience during your journey. Here are 3 I’ve recently experienced: This past week was teacher appreciation week.  Each day, we got a gift or some kind of food.  On Monday, we got this desk organizer, staff shirt, … Continue reading Non Scale Victories