Nectarine Mint Green Iced Tea

I love unsweetened ice tea. Many times grocery stores will only offer unflavored unsweetened ice tea. While it’s delicious, there are times that I want something different. This recipe combines making basic ice tea and infusing water with fruit and herbs which creates a refreshing drink. I’ve included adding sugar or honey in the directions. If you are like me or on the Whole30, you can certainly omit the sugar or honey. Enjoy your refreshing drink while reading a good book, Traci Advertisements Continue reading Nectarine Mint Green Iced Tea

My Trader Joe’s Haul – May 30

Trader Joes is 20 minutes from my house.  I don’t go there often so I try to make it worthwhile when I do. I’m going to break down this haul into Whole30 approved and more fun treats. Whole30 Compliant Foods     My favorite seasonings: 21 Seasoning Salute – I’ve loved this seasoning for a LONG time.  It’s yum! Everything but the Bagel Seasoning – My new favorite Seasoning Salt – I tried it yesterday.  So good. The ghee at Trader Joes is only $3,99 compared to $10 or so at Fresh Thyme.  I only used it occasionally while on … Continue reading My Trader Joe’s Haul – May 30

Recipes on Believe in the Magic Traci’s Diary that are Whole30 Compliant

Here are a list of recipes from other blog that are Whole30: Drinks: Iced Coffee – (Use your favorite nut milk or coconut milk in the coffee – Instead of sweetener, use cinnamon.) Cherry Lime Infused Water Side Dishes (Or Ode to potatoes): Fried Potatoes Roasted Potatoes Potato Wedges Baked French Fries Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes Sauces and Spices (DIY): Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix Chunky Vegetable – Sausage Pasta Sauce (Use compliant sausage and zoodles instead of pasta) Pumpkin Puree Restaurant Style Salsa (Omit the sugar so it’s Whole30 compliant.) Chili Seasoning (The pumpkin chili on … Continue reading Recipes on Believe in the Magic Traci’s Diary that are Whole30 Compliant

Non Scale Victories

My plan at the beginning of my Whole 30 was to blog throughout the entire process.  Then life happened so that plan went to the wayside. I’m now at the end of my Whole 30 – Day 28.  Non Scale Victories are becoming evident.  Non Scale Victories are benefits from the Whole 30.  Here is a link to various non scale victories you might experience during your journey. Here are 3 I’ve recently experienced: This past week was teacher appreciation week.  Each day, we got a gift or some kind of food.  On Monday, we got this desk organizer, staff shirt, … Continue reading Non Scale Victories