My Trader Joe’s Haul – May 30

Trader Joes is 20 minutes from my house.  I don’t go there often so I try to make it worthwhile when I do.

I’m going to break down this haul into Whole30 approved and more fun treats.

Whole30 Compliant Foods



My favorite seasonings:

  • 21 Seasoning Salute – I’ve loved this seasoning for a LONG time.  It’s yum!
  • Everything but the Bagel Seasoning – My new favorite
  • Seasoning Salt – I tried it yesterday.  So good.


The ghee at Trader Joes is only $3,99 compared to $10 or so at Fresh Thyme.  I only used it occasionally while on the Whole30.

Their coconut milk is $1.69.  Make sure you get the full fat one not the reduced fat.


This mixed nut butter is yummy!  I love it with granny smith or honey crisp apples.


These Chomps meat sticks are $1.69 a stick.  I’m going on an airplane ride next week so I got these in case I can’t get any lunch during my layover.

These coconut aminos are only $2.99.  The coconut aminos at Fresh Thyme are over $7 a bottle.

When I do my next round of Whole30 in September, I’m going to make sure I have several bottles so I can make Asian inspired dishes.

This pre chopped veggie mix was $2.99.  They also had an Asian inspired one.  I don’t believe the Asian inspired one was Whole30 compliant though.

I also got a bag of spinach.

More Fun Part of My Haul – Not Whole30


I also got these trail mixes or trek mixes for my trip next week.

These are for next week also.

Some dark chocolate treats


This has sunflower oil in it.  It can be used sparingly during the Whole30.


These are also for my trip next week.


I use these in my grain free granola.


Happy eating,

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